12 Social Media Engagement KPIs That Matter

12 Social Media Engagement KPIs That Matter

This post will help you understand the KPIs for evaluating your social media content, the meaning and importance of each, and how to use and improve them.

Why Are Social Engagement Metrics Useful? – Here’s Why with Mark & Eric

Some marketing insiders say that social media engagement is not a reliable or useful metric. In this episode of Here’s Why with Mark & Eric, Mark Traphagen will show you why engagement metrics should not only not be ignored, but measured and acted upon.

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Module 12: Social Media Metrics

Analytics Made Simple: Your TOP 5 Social Media Metrics!

Too many metrics, too little time! In this video, my goal is to simplify your analytics. �� I’ll show you the most important metrics to focus on to master your social media.

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17 Social Media Metrics to Track (& Free Reporting Template)

Measuring the right social media metrics is crucial for success and your social channels. But with dozens of metrics to choose from, how do you know what social media metrics matter?

In this video, you’ll learn about some of the most important social media metrics to track and how to choose the best ones based on your goals. And to make tracking your metrics easy, download our social media reporting template—find it ��in the video and �� linked below.

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✨ Resources in this video (and beyond):
✦ The most important social media metrics to track: https://bit.ly/3cGhbGb
✦ The social media metrics map: https://bit.ly/3cLexiv
✦ Google Analytics UTM builder: https://bit.ly/3KHmKRg
✦ Free toolkit: Creating a social media report to share with your boss: https://bit.ly/3CXJ3QT

�� Chapters in this video
0:00 Intro
0:49 What social media metrics matter?
1:12 Why metrics matter
2:06 How to choose your metrics
2:38 Engagement metrics
3:43 Awareness metrics
5:03 ROI metrics
6:29 Team performance metrics
7:51 Social media reporting template
8:03 Recap of metrics

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