4 COVID-19 Search Trends & How They Impact SEO

4 COVID-19 Search Trends & How They Impact SEO

The pandemic has changed many things, especially how much we view the internet, online resources, and SEO. Read about how SEO has fared so far.

How Corona Will Impact SEO…And Your Site

How will coronavirus affect SEO? Is your niche about to get crushed? What will happen to your website’s traffic?

In this video, you’ll discover How Corona Will Impact SEO…And Your Site.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

– How The Corona Virus Could Affect Your Website
– Why Corona Isn’t A Profitable Niche For SEO
– Coronavirus And SEO Link Building
– Amazon Affiliate Websites And Corona
– Why Now Is The Time To Invest In Your Website

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SEOs talk COVID-19 search disruption – Live with Search Engine Land

A panel of experts recently joined Live with Search Engine Land to discuss the recent volatility of Google search results since the global coronavirus pandemic broke out. The panel shared data from tools like SEMRush, RankRanger and Moz that shows some pretty interesting movement in SERPs.

Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz lead the discussion and was joined by search consultant Marie Haynes, Olga Andrienko of SEMRush, Mordy Oberstein of Rank Ranger and Peter Meyers from Moz.

Better Together virtual conference – technical SEO learnings during the COVID-19 Crisis

On April 16, 2020 SEO thought-leaders assembled for a two-hour, free virtual conference to share critical findings and strategic considerations for businesses during COVID-19 and beyond.

*Better together agenda*
00:00 Intro from Marcus and Izzi (including data insights from the Ryte Data Science Lab)
11:35 MARTIN SPLITT: Debugging JavaScript
35:17 BARTOSZ GÓRALEWICZ: All or nothing: Technical SEO
56:30 KEVIN INDIG: How to use data to make the right decisions for SEO during a crisis
1:17:24 CINDY KRUM: Language & SEO: You are doing it all wrong
1:36:50 MIKE KING: Q &A – Agency life and best practices for technical SEO strategies
1:52:40 ALEYDA SOLIS: The Remote SEO Consultant Do’s & Dont’s: How to keep effective SEO
2:17:30 After-event “virtual pub” with Marcus and Izzi and magic tricks by Martin Splitt

How Leading SEOs Are Dealing With The COVID-19 Crisis – Live with Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz hosts a video hangout with Daniel Waisberg, Search Advocate at Google, Pedro Dias, Managing Partner at APIs3; Lily Ray, Director of SEO at Path Interactive, and Alexis Sanders, Senior SEO Manager at Merkle, to discuss how SEOs are dealing with the new day-to-day during the COVID-19 crisis.

Join us at Search Engine Land : https://www.selnd.co/qgJHX4R

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