Co-Citation & Co-Occurrence: How Important Are They for SEO Today?

Co-Citation & Co-Occurrence: How Important Are They for SEO Today?

Want to understand what co-citation and co-occurrence mean and whether they should be part of your strategy today? Read on to find out.

What are Co-Citation and Co-Occurrence in SEO? Explained In Hindi

In this video, we will learn about co-citations & co-occurrence in SEO.

The search engines continue to become more complex. One tool that has been used for a while in optimizing and ranking sites is co-citation and co-occurrence.

This part of the algorithm allows for ranking a given site even if it’s not directly linked to a site in its given niche. But, if there is a common referencing site, then

That’s one of the reasons it may not necessarily be bad to see your site AND your competitor’s site linked to in the same article. It helps to put you on the same level via co-citation.

Co-citation and co-occurrence are an alternative to traditional link building for SEO. While definitions vary, co-citation happens when website A links to websites B and C. In this scenario, websites B and C are said to be related through co-citation because they both are linked from website A. Co-occurrence refers to the text before and after a hyperlink.

The Possible SEO Implications
For years, link anchor text appeared to be a large and heavily weighted factor in the search engines ranking algorithms. In other words, if you wanted to get your website to rank well organically for the keyword phrase “DC plumbing company,” you would attempt to acquire a lot of links to your website using that exact keyword phrase and perhaps some related variations of it.

Of course, once SEO companies and business owners discovered this ranking signal, many went about trying to create as many keyword anchor text links as possible—often using any means necessary (and not necessarily following Google’s webmaster quality guidelines). And so the proliferation of keyword anchor text link spam began. Suddenly, 30 keyword anchor-rich links from as many low authority websites had the potential to be more beneficial to your organic rankings than one link using branded anchor text from a highly authoritative website.

Co-citation and co-occurrence are important SEO development in that they have the potential to take the emphasis off “SEO trickery” and reinforce the importance of acquiring mentions and references from truly authoritative websites.

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#801: Co-Citation and Co-Occurrence: The Ultimate Guide to the Next Evolution in SEO

Co-citation isn’t exactly new, but its latest iteration and the attendant changes that it introduces to the SEO world are pretty big deals. The term “co-occurrence” is used by some SEOs to describe how keyword phrase association across sites can impact search engine results. Co-citation is an additional SEO reality of which we must be aware. Google awards high rankings to sites that are devoid of the classic SEO signals.

Co-Citation resists cut-and-dried explanations of how exactly it works because it’s inherently immeasurable. SEO is increasingly becoming something beyond manipulation. Co-citation involves a host of signals that encompass a wide range of SEO features. There are two types of SEO professionals: those who use novel tricks and those who employ classic and strategic maneuvers. The future of SEO lies in understanding the algorithm changes and responding accordingly.

Co-citation plays into the gradual Google shift away from SEO as a system that can be gamed. In reality, SEO will live on as long as there are search engines. If a page doesn’t have lots of backlinks or other SEO best practices, it may still benefit from co-citing. Co-citation has not yet reached maturity, but now is the time to know about it. Your online brand still matters, and it pays to give it due attention. Don’t neglect link-building strategies as part of your SEO approach. In addition to link love, you’ll profit from link-less mentions and co-citations.

More info about co-citation and co-occurrence: the ultimate guide to the next evolution in SEO:

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