How to Use Website Traffic Analysis for Persona Development

How to Use Website Traffic Analysis for Persona Development

Website traffic analysis (particularly Google Analytics) offers companies insight into their customers. Learn how you can build personas with this data.

How To Measure Website Traffic For Free

If you put effort into digital marketing, then you want to know that effort is paying off.

One way to do this is to measure your website traffic (i.e. understanding how many people are coming to your website, and also whether your number of visits is growing over time as you ramp up your digital marketing activity).

But how can you measure your website traffic? And how can you do it for free – as who wants to pay more than they need to?

In this short video I explain how to measure your website traffic for free, covering a few different options to make site traffic measurement and analysis possible for no cost.

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How to Check Website Traffic From cPanel – The Visitor’s Tool

cPanel offers various analytics tools to analyze your website’s traffic. Unlike other tools such as Google Analytics, these require no setup or code to add to your website. We explore the ‘visitors’ tool in this video.

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How to Analyze Website Traffic and Domain Ranking

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If you are a website owner, traffic and domain rating are two key metrics that will determine your site’s success. In this video, we are discussing some tools that will help you analyze website traffic and domain ranking irrespective of the platform.

Here are the links to all the tools we have listed:

1. SEMRush – trial
2. Similarweb –
3. Ahrefs –
4. Moz –
5. Keywords Everywhere –

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00:00 Introduction
00:20 SEMRush
01:07 Similarweb
01:49 Ahrefs
02:18 Moz
02:46 Keywords Everywhere

How To Track Website Traffic Using Google Analytics

I’ve been blogging for 8 years and love using google analytics. Today’s how-to training will give you the basics on how to track website traffic using google analytics. Let me know if you have any questions!

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