Microsoft Makes 3 Predictions For PPC Trends In The New Year

Microsoft Makes 3 Predictions For PPC Trends In The New Year

Microsoft predicts which categories will see an increase in ad clicks in early 2023.

PPC Town Hall Ep. 19: Shopping & e-Commerce for Q4 2020

Our panelists this week are on the cutting edge of e-commerce and shopping ads:
1. Katie Wilson, Google
2. Elizabeth Marsten, Tinuiti
3. Duane Brown, Take Some Risk

Topics we will discuss:
• Google’s expectations for e-commerce in Q4
• Best practices and tips to win big this holiday season
• How leading agencies in North America are preparing

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Bing Ads Is Now Microsoft Advertising and Microsoft Audience Network Updates

Microsft has announced that Bing Ads will now be known as Microsoft Advertising. They will be putting all of their advertising under one name of Microsoft Advertising, which will include all of their search advertising and display advertising options available. In addition, they have announced updates to the Microsoft Audience Network and Sponsored Products.

We have some helpful URLs and links below so you can learn a little bit more about their updates. We will have tutorials out for Microsoft Advertising in the coming month, and we will add more tutorials as we are able to take advantage of all the different Microsoft Advertising updates. Bing Ads is not going anywhere, it will simply be rebranded into Microsoft Ads. As someone who is a proponent of using Bing Ads, I’m glad they are only expanding the advertising options.

From the announcement:

“We’re evolving, too. We’re changing our name from Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising. It’s a simple shift because our clients and partners already know us as Microsoft, and many are already tapping into our new advertising products that go above and beyond search, such as the Microsoft Audience Network. You’ll see the change start today as becomes Opens in new window. Our partner program is evolving too, becoming the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program. Over the coming months, all of our experiences and materials will be updated to reflect Microsoft Advertising.”

About the Microsoft Audience Network:

“Increase the reach of your advertising campaigns. Microsoft Audience Ads (formerly Bing Intent Ads or Bing Native Ads) are the only native advertising solution designed and built by a trusted search platform. Whether you’re building your brand or driving purchases, Microsoft Audience Ads are an effective, scalable and rapidly growing solution.”

About Microsoft Sponsored Products:

“In Sponsored Products, two partners share the cost of advertising as they work to drive product sales through certain channels. Typically, these two partners are manufacturers and retailers (or ad agencies and their clients) who have merchandising agreements with one another.”

Forecasting: Moving Averages, MAD, MSE, MAPE

This video shows how to calculate Moving Averages, and forecast error measures:
The Mean Absolute Deviation or Error (MAD or MAE)
The Mean Squared Error (MSE)
and the Mean Absolute Percent Error (MAPE)

Digital Advertising in 2022 | Future of PPC | Insights and Predictions from WebFX

The future of digital advertising will look much different than the present. A shift toward user privacy and a host of new advertising platforms is forcing advertisers to rethink the way they manage their PPC campaigns in 2022.

Dan Shaffer, WebFX Marketing Team Lead, shares where the digital advertising industry is going and offers some tips for keeping your business on top of the trends.

Video timestamps:
00:00:00 // Future of digital ads overview
00:02:22 // Tips for keeping up with recent changes
00:03:39 // Conclusion

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