What is Enterprise Search? Definition and Examples

What is Enterprise Search? Definition and Examples

Learn what enterprise search means to digital marketers, what it takes to create a successful strategy, who is involved in it, and more.

Course Intro | DS310: DataStax Enterprise Search

In this course, you will learn how to effectively and efficiently solve search problems with Apache Cassandra™, DataStax Enterprise, and Apache Solr™, the open-source engine behind DataStax Enterprise’s search capabilities. Course topics include an introduction DataStax Enterprise Search, Apache Solr™ functional use cases, search fundamentals, query vs. search, schema, and more.

DataStax Enterprise 5.0, the database platform for cloud applications, includes Apache Cassandra 3.x with materialized views, tiered storage and advanced replication. Introduced in 5.0 is DataStax Enterprise Graph, the first graph database fast enough to power customer-facing applications, scale to massive datasets and integrate advanced tools to power deep analytical queries.

Learn more at http://www.datastax.com/products/datastax-enterprise and https://academy.datastax.com/resources/whats-new-datastax-enterprise-50

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Enterprise Search Analytics

You invest thousands of dollars developing content on your website. Your marketing team runs various campaigns to drive customers to the website. How do you track what customers are doing when they get to your website? How can you improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction with search experience on your website? Join this webinar to learn how to leverage Microsoft Search Technology to deliver highly optimized search experience that quickly connects users to the information they need. Search is vital for both an organization’s intranet portal as well as for search on a public facing website, we’ll share with you the tools and strategies to enhance and optimize your search.

Fixing Enterprise Search, Part 1 of 2

Joe Hilger – Fixing Enterprise Search, Part 1 of 2

Video Transcript

Enterprise Search is an organization specific search that typically crosses one or more repositories of information. Where, different [from] Google, it may look like Google, but instead of searching all of the internet we’re searching pieces of information that are specific to the organization that offer value to that organization, so it has to be a differentiator for that organization.

Search is most powerful when it’s driven by faceting. It’s [those] left-hand filters you see on things like Amazon, so I’ve searched for a TV and I can filter down based on size or type of TV, those are facets, and the best way to come up with the facets you need for your organization or Enterprise Search is through a taxonomy that is specific to your organization.

Fixing search isn’t about finding a tool. There’s a million tools out there that all do a good job with search, occasionally there are some things that do specific capabilities better than others, but that’s not really the solution to search. Fixing search is helping the business understand how to ask for what they need. Years ago, it would have been very easy to say: “this is the product [that] you need” because it’s the only one that does all the things that you need. Nowadays, that’s changed. Frankly, the search market has matured to the point where most of the products on the market can do the basics of what you need for search.

When we work with an organization and try to help them decide which search engine they need, what we focus on is their unique requirements. So, each search engine has its own “special sauce,” and we look for that piece of special sauce that will most impact your company, and if, in figuring out what you do in search and what your needs are for search, we don’t see a need for any of those kind of special tricks, then we’ll typically recommend you use something like an open source solution and spend more of your time and money customizing it and making it work the way you want it to.

So, when you’re looking for your search engine, the search engine isn’t all that you need, you have to look beyond that at some of the supporting tools that help create that great search experience.

What Is Glean? Intelligent Enterprise Search Software | Glean

Glean is the work assistant with intuition.
�� Search across all your company’s apps to find exactly what you need— instantly.
�� Discover the information and people you should know.
⚡ Connect with everything you already use; it’s easy to use and ready to go.

At its core, Glean is a work assistant that delivers powerful unified search across all applications used at your company— empowering employees to find exactly what they need. Glean can search across the entire breadth of your company and into the depth of the content within documents. It understands who you are, what you’re working on, and who you’re working with, to deliver highly personalized results. Glean also helps you discover the information and people that make it easier to get things done.

To top that off, Glean’s enterprise search software and knowledge management platform is easy to use and ready to go, right out of the box. It connects to all the apps you already use and has hosting options for seamless integration with your company’s existing security protocols.

We’re excited to help shape the future modern workplace where you can reliably glean exactly what you need, right when you need it. We hope Glean can help you achieve big things too!