Wix vs WordPress: Which Is Better for SEO?

Wix vs WordPress: Which Is Better for SEO?

Wix and WordPress are two of the most popular website platforms. But which one is better for SEO? We compare features, pros & cons, and more.

Wix vs WordPress – Which One Is Better?

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WordPress vs Squarespace vs Webflow vs Wix SEO

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Wix vs WordPress vs Squarespace Which One is The Best For SEO

Wix, WordPress, Squarespace. There are so many platforms out there. How do you know which one’s the best for SEO? Which one should you use? WordPress is free, Wix cost money Squarespace is also out there. There’s just so many options, how do you know which ones to choose from? They’re all really popular. Today I’m going to talk about Wix versus WordPress versus Squarespace. Which one is the best for SEO?

Wix – wix.com
WordPress – https://wordpress.org/
Squarespace – https://www.squarespace.com/
Yoast SEO plugin – https://yoast.com/
BuiltWith – https://builtwith.com/
Quora – https://www.quora.com/

Before we dive into each of the platforms, let’s go over some basic stats that I got from BuiltWith.

WordPress currently powers more than 50% of the web. Literally, more than 50% of the web. Wix, according to BuiltWith, they come in second with roughly 7% of all websites and Squarespace, they come in third with over 4% of the websites.

Now 8Tracks which is a SEO tool they actually ran an interesting study comparing Wix versus WordPress versus Squarespace.

And they were trying to breakdown all right you know which ones drive more traffic and here are some stats that they found out. 46.1% of WordPress domain names get organic traffic against 1.4% of Wix domain names. Now similar Squarespace, they were at roughly 15.1% of search traffic.

Now, you’re probably thinking, hey Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, doesn’t that pretty much answer it? No, and even they weren’t trying to say one was better than the other. The data is pretty much inconclusive and the reason being is well, someone who uses WordPress, could know SEO much more and they can be much more technical.

While someone whose using Wix, may not really know SEO as well, for example. So you couldn’t just compare them right? It wouldn’t be an apples to apples comparison. So let’s go over each platform. WordPress, it’s the most popular one.

It’s really good if you’re SEO savvy because there is just so much flexibility and customization that you can on WordPress that you can’t do with other platforms out there. The cool part about WordPress is it’s simple in which you just add in plugins.

From the Yoast SEO plugin to the all in one SEO pack to broken link checker. It pretty much has plugins that any SEO would need. Support is easy to find because there’s so many people who use WordPress.

There’s support forums, there’s videos online. You can find tons of answers even on YouTube. Even on Q and A sites like Quora.

They also offer templates, so you can have a website that is already optimized for mobile speed versus one that isn’t optimized for mobile speed. And now let’s get into some cons. If you download too many plugins one, it could effect your site speed but two, if there not all compatible your site can break as well.

You don’t necessarily need any technical skill set, but it isn’t as simple as drag and dropping compared to some of the other platforms.

So in other words, if you want to customize the experience, a little here a little there, you do need to know some code or you need to hire someone to help you out.

Now the second platform Wix, if SEO isn’t your priority and you just want something that’s simple, easy to use, like an easy to use CMS then it’s a great solution for you.

Now some pros of Wix, it includes an SEO wizard that optimizes your site automatically. That makes it really easy if you have a new website.

Now some cons of Wix. The first big con is there’s not too much customization of metadata, titles, or URLs. Another big one is a lot of time it takes your site a little bit longer to get indexed and the reason being is some of the Wix based sites they use a lot of AJAX which causes some slow down.

Now the third platform, Squarespace. It’s good for small, simple sites that don’t require anyone to know much about SEO. Some pros, the site offers really pretty designs and of course they also have some nice site architecture built in.

They also allow for custom title tag and metadata which is great and it supports functions like XML sitemaps, storewatch.TXC however you can’t really edit them so this is kind of a pro and a con.

00:00 – Introduction
02:02 – WordPress – Most technically advanced and customizable platform.
03:25 – Wix- If SEO isn’t your priority, and you just want a simple and easy to use CMS
04:27 – Squarespace – Good for small and simple sites
05:34 – The bottom line is: All the platforms has Pros and Cons…

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Wix SEO vs. WordPress: An Ahrefs Study of 6.4M Domains

Can Wix websites rank in Google? We compared the SEO metrics of 3.2 million Wix websites against the same number of WordPress ones. Here’s what we found.

Additional Link Building Tutorials and Resources

SEO for Beginners Tutorial Series
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WordPress SEO Tutorial Series
►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN_xx9jGDVc &list=PLvJ_dXFSpd2sVgHHmbCMaoJPhepJeJjNl

Where we got our search traffic and backlinks data
► https://ahrefs.com/

Where we got our sample websites

In the midst of all the debate in the SEO community around Wix SEO, some people wonder if it’s even possible to generate search traffic using the Wix platform.

But does anyone have proof that Wix websites can’t generate as much traffic as the next platform?

We did a study, with the help of our Data Scientist, to compare the SEO metrics of 3.2 million Wix websites and the same number of WordPress ones.

Our goal is not to prove that one CMS is better than the other, but to present data so that viewers, like yourselves, can have some clarity to make better decisions of your own.

We first created two buckets for both platforms to get a better visualization of the distribution of websites that get search traffic:

1. Those that get at least some level of search traffic
2. Those that get more than 100 search visits per month

Sam then shares the exact breakdown of organic traffic that the Wix and WordPress sites get.

But since there are numerous factors that influence organic traffic like backlinks, we went on to analyze the average Domain Rating, number of dofollow referring domains and monthly search traffic for each platform.

We then applied both the mean and the median (instead of just looking at the averages) for each of these statistics to see if we can identify any correlationship.

Finally, we fine tuned the analysis by:
1. Levelling the sample sizes across the board.
2. Studying the number of keywords the websites ranked for in Google’s top 10 search and summing the traffic that they accounted for.
3. Removing keywords that were exact matches to the domain.

In this video, Sam Oh shares the results from our data, some interesting observations and a few reasons why some SEOs aren’t fans of Wix when it comes to search engine optimization.


1:06 The Background of our data study
2:32 Factors that influence organic traffic
4:43 Factors that impact monthly search visits
6:55 Key takeaways from our study
8:09 Technical SEO limitations of Wix

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